What’s making you look for a therapist right now?


Relationship problems, stress, anxiety, mood fluctuations, and relationships to body image and/or food, and are just some of the problems that bring people to psychotherapy. The way internal struggles with those and other preoccupations come out with a partner, family, friends or colleagues can be challenging to understand and learn to deal with. Pondering on your own and talking to friends can be very valuable – but there are times when it also makes sense to connect with a professional who will work to help you focus inwardly to understand yourself more.


Talking regularly with someone who is committed to working with you to understand and appreciate how you got to the place that you are now can help shed light on the things that trouble you. Feeling understood by the person you’re talking to can help develop your understanding of and compassion for yourself. In my experience, the feeling understood and thinking more can work hand in hand to help understanding that leads to change.