Call me at 416-427-6244 at any time. If I am available, we’ll speak right away.

If you need to leave a message, please give me some good times to try to reach you, and let me know if the number(s) you have left me are ones where I can leave a brief, confidential message if I don’t reach you immediately.

Or, email me at

Linda E. Chapman

586 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 611
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1P2
(416) 427-6244

Fees: $150.00 per individual session (see note below) which includes HST.

*reduced fees may be available if you are attending weekly sessions during the day.

Fees are due at the time of the session. You can pay by e-transfer, cheque, credit card or cash at the time of the session.

*Questions about possible insurance coverage need to be addressed either by human resources at your workplace, and/or your insurance provider.