Call me at 416-427-6244 at any time. If I am available, we’ll speak right away – I understand that once you’ve decided to call, you’d like to be in touch as quickly as possible.

If you need to leave a message, please give me some good times to try to reach you, and let me know if the number(s) you have left me are ones where I can leave a brief, confidential message if I don’t reach you immediately.

Or, if you prefer, email me at, and let me know when we can speak in person.

Linda E. Chapman
118 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 741
Toronto, Ontario, M4R 2G4
(416) 427-6244

Fees: $130.00 per individual session (see note below)

*reduced fees may be available if you are attending weekly sessions during daytime hours. Please feel free to call or write and discuss this further with me.

Fees are payable by cash or cheque at the time of the session

*If you are wondering whether your insurance provider covers any portion of your sessions with me, you can contact me, but you will also need to contact your human resources personnel and your insurance provider.